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14 People Recover From Coronavirus In Armenia
March 26 , 2020 , 09:33
14 People Recover From Coronavirus In Armenia

By 21:00, March 24 14 citizens of Armenia have recovered from coronavirus and 88 have left isolation rooms, ARMENPRESS reports Health Minister of Armenia Arsen Torosyan wrote on his Facebook page.

''Today we have the following positive results – 14 recovered citizens, 12 of which were in isolation for whom the virus had been confirmed but they were not hospitalized due to absence of complaints. The other 2 received treatment at the infectious clinical hospital. The test is negative for another 2 patients at the infectious clinical hospital and they will be discharged from hospital tomorrow if a double test is again negative. 88 have left isolation locations, 37 of whom were isolated in their homes, while 51 were isolated in special places'', Torosyan wrote.

On March 16th, Armenia declared a nationwide state of emergency until April 14th to tackle the coronavirus situation.Today limitations were imposed also on movement of people.