ACC of Fresno Showcases The Culinary Art of Preparing Kharpertsi - Style Kufta
March 26 , 2020 , 09:27
ACC of Fresno Showcases The Culinary Art  of Preparing Kharpertsi - Style Kufta

The Armenian Cultural Conservancy (ACC) of Fresno hosted their third

annual Armenian  Heritage Culinary Art Class on January 25, 2020 in the


Armenian-American Citizens’ League Hall and kitchen at the California Armenian


Home (CAH). The recipe selected to showcase was the Kharpertsi-style kufta - - so


well-known and loved yet less made in today’s homes. With expertise, the CAH


Home Guild co-hosted this session as they prepare and sell this specialty dish




     Guild member Elsie Bedrosian demonstrated mixing the triple-ground lean meat

with water-soaked fine cracked wheat in a Hobart mixer and how to assess its

“doneness.”  Delicately forming the outer shell is part of this multi-step process that

requires much skill.  To allow more time for practicing this particular technique, ACC

and Guild member Mary Ekmalian prepared, formed, and refrigerated the “por”

stuffing into walnut-size pieces the day before.

     Approximately 40 participants including teachers, students, and guests were in

attendance. To enable personalized lessons, each teacher instructed a small group

of students. We thank the community kufta experts who graciously accepted the

invitation to teach: Angel Bardezbanian, Anna Garabedian, Madeline Kachadoorian,

Patty Kalajian, and Arda Toktas. After each group of students completed a couple

trays of kufta, ACC and Guild member Linda Kaloustian demonstrated how to

prepare the broth. Students and community guests enjoyed a kufta lunch which

included salad, cheese berag, bourma and persimmon cookies. Everyone received

a printed recipe and additional kufta to-go, along with memories from a morning

of fellowship and learning more about Armenian culture and its cuisine.



     The CAH Home Guild’s purpose is to promote and serve the general welfare of the

California Armenian Home. Throughout the year, they host bake sales and frozen

kufta sales to benefit the California Armenian Home. They meet on the third

Friday of each month for a business meeting lunch and program, and welcome new

members and guests. For more information, contact Mary at 559-261-1026.

     The Armenian Cultural Conservancy is a 501c3 community benefit organization (CBO)

whose mission is “to collect, preserve and interpret the evidence of the Armenian

experience in the Central Valley . . .” with an office and memorabilia displays in The

Vineyards complex at the California Armenian Home, 6720 E. Kings Canyon Road.

Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.,

or by appointment.  For more information, or to receive a newsletter and event

announcements, please e-mail your request to armenianconservancy@gmail.com

or call the office at 559-835-0837.