To Be Armenian Is To Endure, To Survive
April 25 , 2020 , 11:58
To Be Armenian Is To Endure, To Survive

April 24, 1915, has been the Golgotha of the Armenian people, the path to our crucifixion. The Armenian Genocide, premeditated and perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks is the first genocide of the 20th century. Regretfully, not having been recognized and condemned by the world community at the time, it paved the way to other genocides.

In the history of humanity, to be Armenian is to endure, to survive. The commemoration of the 105th  anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is a call to pay homage to the memory of the saints of the Armenian Genocide. In these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic, we will never fail to shed light on this historical injustice. Therefore, I fervently request from all parents and grandparents to instill in the hearts, souls, and minds of their children the vision of the Armenian identity.

We will continue our journey as proud Armenians embracing in our hearts the love of God, the vision of our ancestral and historic land of Armenia, the welcoming and blessed land of the United States of America as our new home, the faith of our forefathers and the resilience to rightfully demand the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.


We live in a new world, yet the visions and aspirations will continue to be the call of new life in our blood. We are confined to a life in enclosure, bound to the limits of our homes. However, our ancestors were forcefully removed from their homes and were led on death marches. Their lives were confined to what seemed to be the boundless Syrian Desert of Der El Zor, as they perished without graves.

Let us always heed to the calling of our identity and celebrate the memory of the holy martyrs with sanctity. In this celebration, we then feel in the depth of our hearts and spirituality, the birth of a new life, the birth of our Motherland and the Armenian Apostolic Church and the resurrection of our people.