The Upper Room
May 27 , 2020 , 00:07
The Upper Room

This may sound strange to many, yet to me personally, and most likely to many of us, this time of lockdown and physically social distancing is the time in the “Upper Room” in our lives. This is the time of testing of faith in God, the time to meet Christ and walk out of the lockdown as a new person is ready to go out into the world with new visions and aspirations.

The disciples of Christ, our Lord, who were gathered in the Upper Room, had a time of solitude and prayer, and as they have walked out of the Upper Room, they carried in their hearts the living example of their Master. The lockdown which has spanned over a number of weeks has become a time to grow spiritually, to mature in God alone and embrace the spirit of love and meekness in my heart.

Therefore, let us put aside all the temptations we all have experienced and put on us Christ as the true path to follow. Certainly, many of us have felt in the Upper Room and have made exciting promises to ourselves. Many have said often the pandemic life will not be the same. Let us look at the life from a positive perspective. The lockdown has taught us to be closer to God, to our families and nature. We all have witnessed the most inspiring moments of families spending precious time together walking together. As for the elders who have stayed at their homes alone, even though the lockdown must have been a difficult time for them, yet their prayers were heard loud and clear, keeping us strong and committed. And remember, when you open the doors of your home to restart your life, you will be met with God. Therefore, let the journey of your life continue with God.